We are excited by the new Articulate Storyline, the new e-learning authoring tool – use it to build highly interactive courses! We feel this is a product worth talking about – and yes, at last, you may now try it out (30 days free trial)! As you may already know, WOW group is an authorised Articulate reseller. We were also proud Storyline beta testers and have now been certified to put this new software on the market.

What makes Storyline so good? I personally feel it’s all those years of e-learning expertise that the Articulate team share. It’s evidently been distilled into Storyline.

My favourite feature? What an unfair question! If I were to pick one and only one, it’s variables and triggers. You may use them to define conditions in your course and alter it’s behavior based on these. No small matter this is. Yes, it may be addressed to the more experienced, resourceful course creators, but once you get the grasp of it, sky is the limit.

With Storyline it is simple to build customised interactions in your e-learning courses

Visit the official Storyline website for detailed features. You will appreciate built-in screen recording, layers, states, and pre-packaged characters that animate and liven up your courses. You will love publishing for iOS, HTML5 and, of course, Flash. You will enjoy the freedom in building and incorporating assessments and quizzes into your courses.

Write to us, should you wish to discuss more about Storyline itself, the Articulate Platinum Membership Plan and the added-value services (e.g. training and support) that are on offer by WOW group.