e-valuate.gr for assessment management, delivery and reporting

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e-valuate.gr is a uniquely simple online service for the online management and deployment of assessment tests and the immediate collection and reporting of results.

e-valuate.gr typically organisations or departments with varying needs: assessing staff or new recruits (HR), assessing training processes (schools, educational institutions), conducting surveys and more.

It`s intuitive to use e-valuate.gr:

  1. Create tests from a pool of questions focusing on a range of topics, from IT literacy to business competency, or even generate your own set of questions with the online tools provided for this purpose
  2. Generate profile of participants
  3. Assign tests to participants and invite them
  4. Get results as they happen
  5. Get comprehensive reports and benchmarking analysis

e-valuate.gr provides you with the power to know and take informed decisions.

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