Flexion Pro: your CMS to structure and manage online content

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Structure & functionality of Flexion Pro

Flexion Pro is a modern environment managing complex websites or portals, with increased capabilities. It is a complete CMS that has been developed using clever and innovative techniques to allow maximum flexibility in the design and management of your website/portal. Flexion Pro capitalises on an easy-to-use intuitive user interface  and is flexible enough to communicate with 3rd party applications when necessary. It is completely web-based and only requires your favorite web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome e.t.c.). The user is not required to have any programming knowledge. The interface is available in both english and greek versions.

Administration handling - security

Reliability and security are the basic characteristics of the Flexion Pro environment:

  • Only authorised (by WOW group) users have access
  • The administrator can create new users and customise their rights on the website. For example, he can create a user who can edit the content only in specific areas of the website. This is specifically important for websites with large amounts of data as you can break down the management into smaller groups
  • You can restrict visitors from entering specific areas of your website. For example, you can easily create a members area on your website adding extra value to your business
  • SSL certificates can be used when required

Full content control

It is vital that data management is done through a user-friendly interface as the content of modern websites/portals is updated on a frequent basis. Flexion Pro was built with that in mind.

  • Use of a word processor similar to the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) MS Office processor
  • Multimedia content management for text, images, tables, flash animations, google maps, sound and video files, youtube videos

Other features

Flexion Pro introduces some additional features that can prove useful depending on the project.

  • Copy paste from Microsoft Word documents
  • Import/export data to/from Microsoft Excel
  • Calendar & Event handling
  • Custom Contact Form creation
  • Comments & reviews management
  • Poll publishing
  • Multilingual websites
  • Newsletter support
  • Database backup
  • Scheduled article publishing

As Search Engine Optimization compatibility has become a minimum requirement for most modern websites, Flexio Pro has been designed with that in mind. It allows the use of separate keywords and titles per page and per languange. It also allows you to define meaninful paths on your browser , thus helping you improve your Google rankings.

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